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The Role Of Cyclodextrins

- Oct 18, 2018 -

1, the bonding effect.

Cyclodextrins can inhale all kinds of organic molecules because they are hollow inside. This phenomenon is called "wrap up". In general, we call cyclodextrins the inclusion bodies, and the substances that are bound are called inclusion bodies. We said that the molecular structure of cyclodextrin is very similar to that of a conical barrel without a cap, but because of the various gravitational interactions between the inclusion and the inclusion, it is difficult for the inclusion to be separated again after the inclusion. Cyclodextrins are nanoscale capsules, also known as the smallest capsules in the world.

2, sustained-release cyclodextrin capsule.

The inclusion body is not fixed in the inner part of cyclodextrin, and will release slowly under certain conditions. The release process of molecules is called slow release. For example, cyclodextrins can encapsulate active ingredients such as hot and fragrant flavors, and then release them slowly so that the fragrance can be preserved and utilized for a long time.

3, stabilization.

Some of them are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and heat. That is to say, cyclodextrins are sensitive to ultraviolet light, heat, acidify easily, and water-soluble substances can stabilize their active ingredients through inclusion, prevent deterioration and improve preservation.

4, increase the utilization rate in biology.

It is well known that many effective molecules in matter are accumulated together. Because the inner diameter of cyclodextrin is less than 1 nanometer, it can effectively cut off the intermolecular gravity to realize the partitioning when encapsulating the active ingredients. After partitioning the active ingredients, it can improve the absorption and persistence of the active ingredients in our body, and improve the utilization rate in biology.

For example, lipid-soluble substances such as coenzyme Q10 can hardly be absorbed in the body during fasting, but the absorption and persistence can be improved by the inclusion of gamma-cyclodextrin and drinking it at any time.

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